One time, an idea happened...

Every Queen B Emporium luxury designer outfit is made by hand with the best quality and our highest customer satisfaction in mind.
We price our products to suit your pricing needs, we ensure your outfit is of the highest standards.
Woman all around the world are tired of ordering outfits only to receive them different from the photos. Therefore, every QBE outfit will always deliver to you a true and real photo of your product, never a stock photo, never a fake photo like every other site does to you!
As part of our branding, every QBE outfit will have a small dainty gold or silver crown embedded into a hem. This is to remind you that when you are in our outfit, you are wearing a crown. 
Which color crown will you be wearing today?

Even though all of our products might not yet be listed, you are welcome to ask any custom or similar clothing questions.
Any questions or inquiries feel free to contact, I will be pleased to reply in 24 hours or less.

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