Do you long for a perfect look?


Queen B Emporium came up with that exact solution while launching their QBE line back in 2015! Our favorite part? We can design anything you need based on your body shape. No more struggling with those curves or lack of. 

With many months of trial and error, research, education, and searching, we finally found the highest class of crystals, rhinestones, and beads to embed in any outfits you desire. Does luxury come with a cost? 

QBE prides itself in affordability, while keeping your clothing high class. So, yes! Luxury will have some cost! You can't expect to wear a $10 bag and expect to look perfect or last, now can you? Although you will never expect to pay a ridiculous fee for a swarovski crystal dress, they will always be lower than other competitor prices. Why? 

Well....Because we believe in our customers! QBE takes pride in making everyone happy. Not to mention we LOVE seeing photos of our beautiful queens wearing their outfits on their special event. With this conclusion, we will never make you pay "extra" or cheat you out of unnecessary payments due to selfishness of staying rich like all the other companies do to you.

 We love a happy heart!